• Familiarize yourself with the website, especially the registration section.
  • Read all the material that is sent to you. The more you understand what will be happening at Overflow, the better you can inform others.
  • Share the vision.
  • Show the Overflow promo videos to your youth and young adults.
  • Hang the Overflow posters in a highly visible area.
  • Outline your fundraising strategy. Choose at least one fundraiser for every month.
  • January fundraiser.
  • February fundraiser.
  • Determine transportation to and from Overflow.
  • Make hotel reservations (see Hotel Guide).
  • Determine your group chaperones.
  • Take advantage of the early bird registration.
  • Have a registration table set up in the church foyer or other meeting place and register after services.
  • Make telephone calls. Some people need to be given a personal invitation!


  • March Fundraiser(s).
  • Register by March 12 to receive the early bird rate.
  • Keep on reminding and encouraging students to be a part of Overflow. Repetition (with variety!) is the key to enthusiasm.
  • Join us in praying for Overflow.


  • April Fundraiser(s).
  • Register by April 23 to receive the Regular registration rate.
  • Confirm your lunch arrangements. Contact Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex for on-site options.
  • Compile a final details package for all Overflow delegates and their parents. Include information on money matters, attire, advice, and rules.


  • Continue to register at the Late registration rate online until May 19 or until space is full.
  • Give parents a way to contact you in the case of an emergency. Let them know where you are staying with the phone number. You should also have a list of how to get in touch with parents over the weekend in the case of an emergency.
  • On-site registration begins at 5:00pm on May 19 at the Overflow Registration Box Office.
  • Plan follow-up activities with youth who attended Overflow.