We invite you to join us in praying for Overflow 2019!

Below are three options to help you pray for the event: Overflow Prayer & Fast Day, 40 Day Prayer Journey and the TOP 10 FOR 10 AT 10.

40 Day Prayer Journey


This is a 40 day prayer journey thematically centered upon belief and faith in our God. The prayer requests are designed to focus on Overflow and the ministry of the gospel in Ontario. Try to pray the entire 40 days, leading up to the Sunday of Overflow. If you miss a day, don’t worry but just pick up where you need to be and keep going. This is a guide – the important thing is that you remember to call out to God on behalf of Overflow and Ontario. The guide is found by following the links below:

WEEK 1          WEEK 2          WEEK 3          WEEK 4          WEEK 5          WEEK 6

overflow prayer & fast day


We have chosen this day to collectively fast and pray together for Overflow. As always, we are believing for a great move of God in the lives of students and leaders at the event, but we know that real change is directed by the Holy Spirit, and together we can raise the spiritual atmosphere if we commit to pray.  

If you are able, we ask that you would please schedule some time in your calendar to pray, fast (a meal, social media, etc.) and call out to God for Overflow and His presence to change people's lives!

  • Pray for the speakers, the worship team, and the guests

  • Pray for salvation and healing

  • Pray for the lead team, production team and volunteers

  • Pray for safety for everyone traveling

  • Pray for every moment of the event, anything and everything you can think of!

  • Pray specifically that God accomplishes transformation in the lives of those who come

  • Pray for our Overflow staff and our families: there are always attempts to distract and discourage around these big moments

  • Pray for yourselves and your teams, that you would be led of God!

We are also praying for you as you prepare.

TOP 10 FOR 10 AT 10


TOP 10 (prayer requests)
FOR 10 (days before Overflow)
AT 10 (am or pm)

Choose a time that is best for you, (either 10:00 am or 10:00 pm) and spend 10 minutes in prayer for these top ten prayer requests:

  • Pray that God will be there and He will be glorified.

  • Pray for the speakers / workshop leaders etc., that they will be anointed with God’s message for the youth.

  • Pray for the worship leaders and bands, that they will be inspired and directed by God’s leading in the sessions.

  • Pray for safety when travelling for everyone.

  • Pray for youth leaders who will be attending – that God would give them His vision/direction for their youth ministry.

  • Pray for all the churches and communities that will be represented at Overflow – that the impact of God’s ministry at Overflow will be unconstrained among their youth as they return home.

  • Pray for all the schools of the youth that are represented at Overflow that God’s work will be unconstrained as they return from Overflow.

  • Pray for the lead team and other volunteers that God’s agenda would be accomplished.

  • Pray for missions (home and abroad) that God will use someone/something from Overflow to prepare youth for missions.

  • Pray for yourself that you will be open to receive what God wants to say and do through you at Overflow.