The #OFLO17 song list is finally here!  We are always asked for this list in advance of the conference, so here you go: listen, learn, share, and enjoy!

In February, my daughter’s teacher sent home a list of children in her class so that we could send Valentine’s Day cards to every child.  Your school Valentine’s Day experience may have been the same, but mine was very different.  I’m not saying the old way was better, but when I was in elementary school you earned your valentine!!

Have you ever heard the saying, “Love is blind?” Maybe at a wedding or the advice of someone who has been in a marriage a long time? This phrase points us to believe that when you love someone you are blind to the mistakes they make, to the ways in which they don’t measure up, or the shortcomings they may have. It tells us that loving someone is to only look at and focus on the good, rather than seeing the worst.

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