In what seems like a lifetime ago now, I used to work as an Educational Assistant in one of the toughest elementary schools in Oshawa. The principal of that school was an older man named Bill. Bill was in his final years of education and instead of riding off into the sunset in a cushy school, because after all he had earned it, he chose to work with some of the neediest students in the city.

The #OFLO17 song list is finally here!  We are always asked for this list in advance of the conference, so here you go: listen, learn, share, and enjoy!

In February, my daughter’s teacher sent home a list of children in her class so that we could send Valentine’s Day cards to every child.  Your school Valentine’s Day experience may have been the same, but mine was very different.  I’m not saying the old way was better, but when I was in elementary school you earned your valentine!!

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