Listen, learn, share, and enjoy! 

(Songs subject to potential change).

  1. Reckless Love - Cory Asbury

  2. Zeal - The Belonging Co.

  3. Freedom - Jesus Culture

  4. Good Grace (Hillsong United)

  5. Build My Life - Pat Barrett

  6. Let Go - Hillsong Young & Free

  7. Here Again - Elevation Worship

  8. What a Beautiful Name - Hillsong Worship

  9. You Deserve It All - Josh Baldwin

  10. Glorious Day - Passion

  11. Chain Reaction - River Valley Worship

  12. New Start - Elevation Youth

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A number of years ago, my wife discovered a fantastic deal on one of those discount websites.  Four private dance lessons for couples at a local dance studio.  Her heart was filled with excitement and mine sank.  I do not like dancing, but somehow I was talked into going.  Our first lesson was okay; not amazing or exciting, but okay.  Since I have absolutely no rhythm or ability to move my arms and legs with any sense of purpose, I was proud that I had made it through the first lesson unharmed.

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Today is a day we look forward to every year: launching the Overflow theme and event details! We are so excited to again be in Waterloo on the May long weekend this coming year. It is literally only 22 WEEKS away!

This year we welcome Pastor Wayne Giroux to the team, who has begun his tenure as the Youth Director of the Western Ontario District of the PAOC, and who will be your new Overflow Pastor. Check out the promo video teaser, and keep an eye on the website and social media as we will soon be announcing our guest line up.

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Christine Mannoflo, oflo19

Written by Todd Gibbons

The Summer Olympics in 1936 were held in a hostile and prejudice Berlin, Germany. Just three years after these games, the Nazi regime would move to attack Poland to start World War II. Leading up to these games, Adolph Hitler had made it clear that they did not want Jewish American or African America athletes to attend, which forced a young man by the name of Jesse Owens into an unfair and undeserved decision.

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Christine Mann

In our home, super heroes are a pretty big deal. There isn’t a day that goes by when one of my kids isn’t trying to run as fast as the Flash, dressing up like Batman to take the night sky, or fighting off any foe that they could possibly imagine. For them, it’s more than just dress up, it’s the idea of being SUPER: the thought of having the ability to do more than they could possibly do before. I’d like to say they are the only ones, but I can’t help but wonder myself, “what would it be like to have a super-power?” With the amount of superhero movies that exist today, it’s hard not to let it cross your mind; the strength to lift a car, the speed to run as fast as lightening, or the ability to manipulate time. The idea of having superhero-like power is intriguing.

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Listen, learn, share, and enjoy! 

(Songs subject to potential change).

  1. In The River - Jesus Culture

  2. Only King Forever - Elevation

  3. Wake - Hillsong Young and Free

  4. Relentless - Hillsong United

  5. Zeal - Belonging Co.

  6. King of All The Earth - Brian & Katie Torwalt

  7. Only Wanna Sing - Hillsong Young and Free

  8. Great Are You Lord - All Sons and Daughters

  9. Faithful to the End - Bethel

  10. King of My Heart - John Mark McMillan

  11. Tremble - Mosaic

  12. Reckless Love - Cory Asbury

  13. Be Enthroned - Bethel

  14. Build My Life - Housefires

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Christine Mann

Her first response was to hide. The young girl had been playing in the woods, and got a giant thorn stuck loosely in her foot. It was clearly causing her a lot of pain, but instead of seeking help, her immediate response was to hide. She refused anyone who attempted to get close or offer advice. As an onlooker, the solution looked simple: to pull the thing out and let the injury heal. But pain and fear put her on the defense as she made every effort to keep away the very thing that would be her healing.

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“Will you just shut that stupid thing off?!”  I was running toward a friend in the dark when these words bolted from my mouth. One summer I was at a summer camp that hosted a late night game of manhunt:  you know, the game where everyone hides, each trying to be the last one discovered (more than likely the winner was found hiding under port-a-potty or the girls’ cabin. Like most teenage boys, my friends and I were led away from the game by our short attention spans to a field where we elected to chase each other in the dark.

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Hiding is an interesting concept. When I think of the word hiding, my mind runs back to epic games of hide and seek. I remember the nerves and adrenaline of moments when I was crouching low in a dark corner, hoping the person doing the seeking passed by without taking a closer look. There was something about escaping notice that felt amazing. There are moments like a game of hide and seek where hiding is a totally appropriate response. I can think of other more serious things that would also present hiding as a great response, but my fear is that we have hid something that we can no longer afford to hide.

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