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Check out this year's recap video to see a look back on the some of the amazing moments of #oflo17.


back to life total


We are once again amazed at the generosity of Overflow. This year we surpassed our goal of $55,000 for the Back to Life campaign with a total offering count of $56,238.56. The government matches 4x every dollar we give. This means the $56,238.56 becomes $281,197.80. This money is being used built a water well in Champheta, Zambia, and has fed thousands of kids as part of a school feeding program in Bangladesh for five years in a row! We're excited for the impact that we have been able to make collectively when we give.

Though we surpassed our goal, there is always a need that we can help with. If you would like to donate click the button below. To learn more about Back to Life, visit www.overflowyouth.com/back2life.

Thank you for another great year!