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Mike and his wife Nancy and their two children, Joshua and Mattie, live in the Halifax, Nova Scotia area. Mike travels throughout Canada and the United States preaching and teaching. Mike and Nancy are passionate about Halifax and the people who live here. In 2016 they embarked on a journey to plant Nova Church Halifax. Together with the Nova Dream Team, the Millers officially launched Nova Church in September 2017. It has been a breathtaking adventure and the best is yet to come! Connect with him online via Instagram (@realmikemiller).  

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Todd is part of the pastoral team at Hillsong NYC and has a passion to reach people far from God and loves teaching the Bible. Todd is married to his lovely wife Nicole, and they have two young children, Canaan and Zoe. Connect with him online via Instagram (@toddtcrews).  

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Wayne is the Youth Director for the Western Ontario District of the PAOC. Wayne has served as a Youth Pastor within the WOD for over 10 years. He is married to his wonderful wife Bev and they have the most outstanding girl on the planet, Melody. Wayne's passion for the Ottawa Senators is only surpassed by his desire to see students accept Jesus and take steps toward awakening to and acting upon the call of God on their lives.  He has a passion for communicating, loves investing in other leaders and cannot stop making silly voices. Connect with him online via Instagram (@pdubs_yd).  

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Karmyn Bokma is currently serving as the Lead Pastor at The Meeting House in Oakville, ON. She is passionate about helping people discover and understand more deeply their identity in Christ. Nothing energizes her more than leading teams of people as they work and serve out of who God has made them to be.

She is a graduate of Redeemer University College as well as the Arrow Leadership program. She is married to Ben and they have three kids: Elliana, Ezekiel and Silas, and she enjoys playing Ultimate frisbee and games of any kind.



The Overflow House Band is a collaboration of regional Canadian talent. This is a group of musicians and worshipers from across Ontario, with the single focus of making the name of Jesus high and leading you into encounters with Christ through worship. Overflow loves their House Band!

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Derek Minor has earned the title of veteran in the game not only as a rapper, but also as a producer. After a decade of making music, the award-winning artist has established himself as a leading voice of hope in the midst of trials. His latest album, The Trap, is the third installment in the “Up and Away” series, which exemplifies his heart to tell stories that reflect the reality of life in the streets while letting people know there is a light in the midst of struggle.

In 2009, he founded Reflection Music Group with producer and former Syndicated Mix Show host Doc Watson and now has a full-fledged label with five artists and a marketing service, RMG Amplify.

Formerly known as PRo, Derek Minor made his first splash on the scene with Lecrae, partnering with Reach Records to release two albums, Dying to Live and Minorville. The latter marked the first LP under his current moniker and landed at No. 6 on Billboard’s Top Rap Albums chart and won the GMA Dove Award for Rap/Hip Hop Album of the year. Derek Minor won a Grammy for his production work on Lecrae’s 2012 album, Gravity.

From there, Reflection Music Group housed 2015’s Empire and 2016’s Reflection, which gave him his highest chart position yet, landing at #5 on Billboard’s Top Rap Albums chart.

Derek Minor resides in Nashville and continues to prosper on his own platform, showing artistry and business savvy like few others.



We’ve all heard it before: Home is where the heart is. But Canon seeks to elevate the old cliché with his new album, Home. Not only is home where the heart is, but it is something that you can intentionally build and take ownership of.

“I want people to feel proud of what they have,” Canon says. “You can have a little or you can have a lot, but there’s hope either way.”

The 10-track project is made up of hard-hitting production and smooth melodies as Canon weaves together bouncy anthems like “Flex” and “Pac-Man” with the introspective title track where he teams up with ethereal singers Mogli and Eris to drive the message home.

Canon’s own journey of defining “home” started in Chicago, where he moved around a lot, but found stability, security, and a sense of belonging with his family and church. He started attending a youth group called “The House” when he was a teenager. This is where he first came to know the Lord and began exploring his passion for rap. From there, Canon attended college in Memphis, where he had to take ownership of his identity when his peers called him “too ghetto” or did not understand the culture he came from.

“If God purposely put you where you began, there’s purpose in where you began,” Canon shares of what he’s learned and what he wants listeners to take away from the project.

A major accident in 2014 forced the rapper to put life in perspective and truly live without fear. Before the incident, he says he always felt the need for a co-sign or human affirmation for whatever he was doing in life. But now, he is confident in walking in the direction given to him by God. He currently resides in Nashville with his wife where he has established his own sense of home. Canon is using his story to encourage others to make a home of their own. He cites the story of the builders found in Matthew 7:24-27 to help them find the same peace and confidence. “Whatever home you build,” he shares, “let it be on a solid foundation.”


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Mark Quinlan currently serves as Lead Pastor of New Life Church in Brantford.  He and his wife Erica have been pastoring for a decade, with a passion for Christ and inspiring that same passion in others.  Mark is uniquely gifted in helping people with difficult life situations and finds great fulfilment in seeing healing in those around him. He’s an open and honest speaker who is willing to leave it all on the table, believing that in our honesty and transparency everyone can see the love and grace of Jesus. Outside of ministry Mark enjoys being with his wife and three children, working on projects around the house and eating his wife’s cooking!

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It was when Laura was 17 that she had an overwhelming encounter with God, that began an exciting journey of "no turning back." Since then she has been doing her best to follow the heart of God and do whatever it takes to build His kingdom. Laura's punchy style, combined with humour and ‘stripped bare authenticity,’ makes her a riveting communicator to people of every age. You’ll love Laura’s infectious joy and obvious passion to help build strength and courage into the Kingdom of God.







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Juno-nominated singer/songwriter Chelsea Amber brings her pop/soul sound to life with passionate vocals, uplifting lyrics, and grooving guitars. Since 2007, Chelsea has released 4 albums and an EP which were recognized with a total thus far of 18 music awards and a 2015 Juno nomination. She has toured Canada and the USA and graced the stage with musicians including Dan Bremnes, Mercy Me, Avalon, and a duet with Rita MacNeil. Her latest release in October 2018 was a full-length studio album entitled “Face the Waves” whose title track won “Urban Song of the Year” at the 2019 Covenant Awards. She continues to walk in her God-given calling to music, encouraging people toward hope and purpose along the way!

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The recording business is full of artists who don’t have deep music knowledge. So 19-year-old North Carolina native Byron Juane raises the bar with his education in jazz, classical, hip hop and R&B, plus his ability to play drums, guitar, trumpet and keys. The artist who began playing music at age four shines on his Reflection Music Group debut, Life in the Evening, which travels from orchestral arrangements to moody soul, bluesy guitars to an explosive closer featuring RMG head Derek Minor. It serves as the perfect score to the set’s message of transformation. On the intro track, “Death in the Afternoon,” Byron Juane testifies to abandoning his old mentality, and on “Split,” he admits to the struggle to stay on the right path. He celebrates making it through on the title track and final song, dedicating it to the underdogs. “I just want people to know that whatever they experience and if they are going through something that I have a song that they can replay,” he says. Byron Juane emerged in 2016 under the moniker K¥NG, releasing a series of well-received singles and the EP Aura. But he decided to drop the pseudonym and instead use his birth name. “K¥NG was just more about putting out music,” he explains. “Byron Juane has a more important purpose, and a more focused vision.”

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Paper Shakers deliver a live performance that leaves you questioning why you don’t attend more rock shows. Guitar riffs equally fierce and catchy. Heavy handed bass and drums in the best possible way. Top that off with an entertaining, crowd engaging front duo that belt out stellar lyrics with just the right amount of tambourine. Paper Shakers know how to deliver a vigorous rock sound that invites you into one big dance party.


Meet your PRE-FLO Hosts! They will be with you all weekend long, having fun, making you laugh, getting you ready for each general session. 

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Rachael loves Jesus, people and candy - in that order. Over the past six years, God has been stirring a passion for campus and student ministry in Rachael. Currently, Rachael serves as campus pastor at Gateway Western in London Ontario and is privileged to work as a Registered Nurse in labour and delivery at London Health Sciences Centre. She is super excited to join the Overflow team and can't wait to #turnup(?) with you guys....#relevant. (@thatssorachael)

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Ben loves to use his over the top personality to help introduce students to the love of God.  When he is not hanging out with his students, he spends his spare time playing guitar and training to be a superhero.  Lately though that’s taken a back seat to his new favourite pastime, being a dad to the cutest baby girl in the world, Ellie. He’s super excited to once again be a part of the amazing Overflow team! (@bscounsell)