The Overflow House Band is a collaboration of regional Canadian talent. This is a group of musicians and worshipers from across Ontario, with the single focus of making the name of Jesus high and leading you into encounters with Christ through worship. Overflow loves their House Band!

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Rapper Kevin Burgess, now better known by his stage name KB, plays the trumpet. When hip-hop is synonymous with devil-music in your household, the trumpet is a safer outlet for musical expression. Fast-forward to the present, and Tampa, Florida based artist KB has found redemption in what was once the forbidden music of his youth. After obtaining a Theology degree, he dove into Christian hip-hop, releasing a mixtape, a widely successful debut album and a Dove award-winning EP (for Rap/Hip Hop Song of the Year, “100”). He shows no signs of slowing down – his recently released second hip-hop studio album, Tomorrow We Live, has earned media praise as “a straight masterpiece” and “KB’s first classic.” The artistry of Tomorrow We Live has brought both critical acclaim and commercial success, debuting on the Billboard charts at No. 1 on Top Christian Albums, No. 4 on Top Rap Albums, and in the top 20 on the iconic Billboard 200. KB has also achieved industry recognition as a Recording Academy featured artist on Grammy.com. His talent in the studio is matched by his high-octane live shows – he has toured with Lecrae, Tenth Avenue North and top Reach Records artists, and is currently touring nationally in support of Tomorrow We Live.

main stage SPEAKERS

Eric Samuel Timm



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Orator, Author and Artist Eric Samuel Timm captivates his audiences with his unique teaching and preaching style. His ability as communicator is only enhanced by unforgettable live art performances. Eric battles the darkness by communicating truth experientially and multi dimensionally. He serves his local church as a Teaching Pastor and Outreach Evangelist. Eric also is Communications Lecturing Professor at his alma mater, North Central University. Already speaking to over 1.5 million people Eric continues to travel throughout the U.S. and internationally stirring up the dormant leaving audiences inspired. Eric founded No One Underground and 501c3, Painting Hope. which serves Public Schools with value based public school assembly programs across the country. Residing in Minnesota, with his wife and 3 children, Eric partners with you to expand the Kingdom.

Jason Ballard 2017 - Overflow Youth Conference


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Jason is one of the hosts of the Alpha Youth Film Series and a pastor at his home church, Christian Life Assembly. His role at Alpha is to help create resources that serve the local church. Jason lives in Langley, British Columbia with his wife Rachael and his two kids Hudson (3) and Mary (1). He loves preaching about Jesus, eating chocolate chip cookies and posting pictures of his kids on Instagram.



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Mark serves as the District Youth Ministries Director. He is a veteran of over two decades of youth ministry and is an experienced pastor, mentor and teacher. His passions include leadership development, specifically pouring into the leaders he serves, preaching and family life. Mark loves adventure, both the kind you create and the kind that God invites you into to share.

WORKSHOP speakers

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Twitter/BevGirouxMusic     FaceBook/EveryWakingDay    Instagram/BevGirouxMusic

From a little girl with a borrowed guitar, to the recent release of her debut Album “Every Waking Day,” music has been a part of Bev Giroux’s life for as long as she can remember. She is a dedicated and energetic worship leader, who is passionate about helping people connect with God through music.

Bev lives in London, ON with her husband Wayne Giroux who is a youth pastor and daughter Melody. She teaches music in an elementary school, serves in her church at Gateway in London and celebrates life with her friends and family. Outgoing and bubbly, Bev always has a smile on her face and a song in her heart. 

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Twitter/BrettUllman      FaceBook/BrettUllman      Instagram/BrettUllman

Husband to Dawn, and father of Bennett and Zoe, Brett and his family make their home in Ajax, Ontario where Brett leads and directs Worlds Apart, a charity focused on empowering individuals to re-align their lives with Biblical core values often muddled by media but central to Christian living.

Brett was a teacher with the Toronto District School Board for 10 years before moving into speaking full-time back in 2005. Brett has a Masters degree in Evangelism and Leadership from Wheaton Grad School in Chicago and is also a graduate of the Arrow Leadership Program. He and his family are members of C4 Church in Ajax since 2004.


Twitter/Cindy_Rose3   Instagram/Cindy_Rose3

Cindy serves as the Children and Family Ministries Director of the Western Ontario District of PAOC. For over two decades she has been ministering with children, and mentoring leaders of all ages. She is passionate about helping leaders discover their gifts so they begin to utilize them for Kingdom purposes. Cindy is also working towards completing her MA in Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy and has a deep desire to see leaders be emotionally healthy in their ministry roles. Family life is priority to Cindy. She is married to her super creative husband, Mark, and they have two incredibly imaginative boys named Curtis and Aaron.

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Crystal lavalLee

Twitter/IAmCMovement     FaceBook/IAmCompelledCanada     Instagram/IAm_Compelled

Crystal Lavallee is the Founder and National Director of I Am Compelled, a registered educational charity that she built from the ground up. She has travelled to seven nations, ministering to over 15,000 people! Her message is simple - God is BIG and those who believe in Him can do BIG things. Her favourite colour is yellow, she loves her VW Jetta and makes it her goal to defy her comfort zone daily!


Twitter/Jaden_Neufeld      Instagram/Jaden_Neufeld

Jaden is the pre-teen youth pastor at Christian Life Assembly in Langley, BC. He loves preaching the best news ever, eating good tacos and drinking half decent coffee (usually not all at the same time). He's also probably one of the biggest baseball fans you'll ever meet. But one thing that Jaden loves even more than sitting in cafés or baseball stadiums is that everyday he gets a front row seat to watch Jesus change the lives of the young people around him. 

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logan gates

Ravi Zacharias Ministries

Logan Gates is an itinerant speaker with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. His passion is to help people encounter Christ by speaking on the “big questions” in life and apologetics. Topics he frequently tackles include “Why believe anything?,” “Does God exist?,” “So many religions – why choose one?,” "Has science buried God?" and “Why trust the Bible?” Logan holds a Master's degree from the University of Oxford and lives in Toronto, where he loves to surf the Great Lakes!


There will also be workshops from our main stage speaker, jason ballard.



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Alisha Eich, Canadian singer/songwriter formerly known as Alisha Mann, has taken bold steps into a fresh and creative sound that has been three years in the making. Her musical journey has been through an evident evolution as she has chosen to re-evaluate her direction and purpose. Over the past five years, Alisha has experienced many significant life changes, including furthering her studies, getting married and welcoming her first child into the world. Her brand new EP release THREE, is truly a representation of Alisha’s new chapter of musical achievement. Alisha also leads worship on a regular bases at her home church, Freedom House, in Brantford, ON.

Alisha’s music is honest, raw and creative. It flows with a breath of ingenuity, found while working alongside her brother and producer Timothy Mann. She has a new sound, a new direction and she has broken through the barriers with courage and inspiration.

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Twitter/BrookeNicholls      Facebook/BrookeNichollsMusic

For Canadian Worship Leader and Songwriter Brooke Nicholls, the goal is always to point people to Jesus. From humble beginnings in rural Churches in her hometown of Chatham, ON, to now traveling and leading worship across Canada and beyond, Brooke's heart remains the same: to usher people into transformative encounters with God. Brooke released her debut worship album, Found In You, on Dec. 5, 2016. The album is centered around the theme of God's redemptive grace in even our most broken situations – that when our world is falling apart, we can find healing, restoration and hope in Him. God is continuing to open exciting doors for Brooke & her music, but she plans to simply continue doing what she's always done: be diligent in her passionate pursuit of God's calling on her life and point people to Jesus. Brooke is married to her guitar player, Steve. Together they live in Toronto and have a fish named Todd.



Twitter/FamofThings      Facebook/FamilyofThings

Family of Things (FOT) of Hamilton, Ontario gathers elements from a range of influences, conjuring the best of many worlds and the brightest of many colours. FOT has been a collaborative sorority since 2012, working on a variety of projects and refining their sound. The group has been carved out in studios from New York City, Los Angeles, Nashville, Vancouver, and Toronto. September 2016 marked the release of FOT’s self-titled EP which quickly established a name for the group in North America, garnering praise and recognition from CBC, Indie Shuffle, Hype Machine and Spotify.  

FOT is currently back in the studio, preparing for the release of their first full length album. This project provides a platform to create quality music while sharing their hearts and stories with others near and far.


Here On Planet Earth

Twitter/hereonplntearth      Facebook/HereOnPlanet.Earth

Here On Planet Earth is a band who's desire is to make music that makes people feel understood in the middle of their struggle. Sometimes in this life there are struggles and sometimes it feels like the tension of those struggles is all that there is, all that there will be, and hope feels so far off. The songs by Here on Planet Earth are meant to be anthems for where you are, the in-between of the tension. They are meant to be your lighthouse in the middle of a treacherous sea, to give you hope and to keep you going. They are for you and for us, because after all, we are all Here On Planet Earth.



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Mount Farewell brings four creative personalities together under the unified goal to deliver inspiring art with excellence that can be heard, seen, felt, experienced and that will ultimately inspire others.  Noah, Adam, Brady and Nathan bring a variety of musical influences together to form a unique synth-rock sound with an engaging live show, pounding drums, catchy guitar hooks, accessible vocals and a meticulous attention to dynamics and tone throughout their songs.  


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www.raycroftmusic.com      Instagram/MrandMrsRaycroft

Childhood sweethearts, Danielle and Jordan Raycroft met in the 90’s, only weeks after birth (there are photographs to prove it!), and married in May of 2016. Together, they are Raycroft: the husband-wife duo. Their love story is one for the ages, and they are more than happy to share it – just ask! Danielle is the worship director at their home church in Barrie, Ontario, and Jordan is a JUNO and Covenant Award nominated singer-songwriter. Raycroft seeks to honour their creator with the gifts He has given them: to lead people into His presence through their worship leading and original songs of love, justice and truth.