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So Have I Loved You by Pastor Roy Hyde

In what seems like a lifetime ago now, I used to work as an Educational Assistant in one of the toughest elementary schools in Oshawa. The principal of that school was an older man named Bill. Bill was in his final years of education and instead of riding off into the sunset in a cushy school, because after all he had earned it, he chose to work with some of the neediest students in the city.

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So Loved that He Gave by Pastor Rick Zuidersma

Have you ever heard the saying, “Love is blind?” Maybe at a wedding or the advice of someone who has been in a marriage a long time? This phrase points us to believe that when you love someone you are blind to the mistakes they make, to the ways in which they don’t measure up, or the shortcomings they may have. It tells us that loving someone is to only look at and focus on the good, rather than seeing the worst.

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So Loved by Mark Colwell

The Bible describes the love of God as immeasurable, unfathomable and relentless. It describes God as love! The best evidence to support the Bible’s claim is that the creator God was born in this world a created thing, a man. The sole purpose of that action was to save us, save me and save you from the very thing that separates us from God, our tendency to rebel against the God who made us. The remarkable thing is not only did He die for our freedom, He also died so that we could know this love, that know one can explain, in increasing measure for the rest of our lives.

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