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Written by Carl Patterson

In our home, super heroes are a pretty big deal. There isn’t a day that goes by when one of my kids isn’t trying to run as fast as the Flash, dressing up like Batman to take the night sky, or fighting off any foe that they could possibly imagine. For them, it’s more than just dress up, it’s the idea of being SUPER: the thought of having the ability to do more than they could possibly do before. I’d like to say they are the only ones, but I can’t help but wonder myself, “what would it be like to have a super-power?” With the amount of superhero movies that exist today, it’s hard not to let it cross your mind; the strength to lift a car, the speed to run as fast as lightening, or the ability to manipulate time. The idea of having superhero-like power is intriguing.

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Written by Katie Finlay

Her first response was to hide. The young girl had been playing in the woods, and got a giant thorn stuck loosely in her foot. It was clearly causing her a lot of pain, but instead of seeking help, her immediate response was to hide. She refused anyone who attempted to get close or offer advice. As an onlooker, the solution looked simple: to pull the thing out and let the injury heal. But pain and fear put her on the defense as she made every effort to keep away the very thing that would be her healing.

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