So Loved by Mark Colwell

The Bible describes the love of God as immeasurable, unfathomable and relentless. It describes God as love! The best evidence to support the Bible’s claim is that the creator God was born in this world a created thing, a man. The sole purpose of that action was to save us, save me and save you from the very thing that separates us from God, our tendency to rebel against the God who made us. The remarkable thing is not only did He die for our freedom, He also died so that we could know this love, that know one can explain, in increasing measure for the rest of our lives.

It is one thing for me to tell you of the love of God, it is another thing for you to grasp it, or even better allow it to grasp you!
— Mark Colwell

In my own life I have recognized that understanding the love of God for us is a process, one that actually never ends. To discover more of the love of God I had to take the journey of doing life with him. The point of Jesus coming was not only just to save us but to enable us to know God and walk with Him though life. Think about how loves grows between two people. If you are like me, you gradually allow people into your life, trusting them as you come to know them and allowing yourself to love them deeper. The same is true of our walk with God. I have come to see an expanded view of the love of God along the way with God. I have come to recognize His love for me in the moments I have dared to love Him too. It seems many people keep their distance from God, afraid of what He will ask from them. The problem with that distance is that though they avoid His call on their lives, they also avoid knowing how loved they are.

Discovering how loved you are by God is a product of being near to Him. In nearness you will hear Him, and yes, He will ask at times that you change and at other times that you give or serve but that is where love is discovered. You are so loved, He would save you but more than that He would change you to someone He can trust with purpose and power. Do not let fear rob you love, of being loved in the most profound of ways. You are so loved He did come to earth to rescue you. You are so loved; He does call you everyday by name whether you hear Him is a condition of how near you are to him. You are so loved that He has gifted you to live deeply and He will lead you powerfully towards purpose. His love includes forgiveness, it supplies healing and provides calling. If you embrace his love, you embrace the power to live. Wherever He sends you, He will sustain you, grow you and provide for you. If you take the journey of loving God you will see His love with increasing understanding and the power it has to transform you. If you receive His love, you will change the way you see yourself, He will begin to show you how He sees you. Please know you are so loved, that no love compares.

There is only one love that propels a life to the peace, hope and legacy it was made for and it is this love of God. A love we really do not deserve and yet He gives it willingly. “For God SO LOVED the world that He gave his one and only Son”…, you are so valuable to God, take the adventure with Him that helps you understand just how valued you are!!

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