Written by Wayne Giroux

It is almost here!!! Overflow is so close.

The other day my wife asked me a question that made the nearness of Overflow a reality. She said, “What are you going to wear at Overflow?” I honestly had not given it a moment’s thought. You may find that your personality is similar to mine. I often find myself frantically packing within the last few minutes before having to run out the door to go to things like Overflow and retreats. Or perhaps you are more like my wife and have already packed… “I’m going to wear this on Friday, and these on Saturday…” etc, etc.

I couldn’t help but think about all the effort that goes into preparing for a weekend like this. Truthfully, this is my first time coming as the Overflow Pastor and so the preparation is so much different. Normally at this point, while I would not have even thought about packing, I would have been feverishly trying to recruit students; dealing with meal plans; explaining the event to parents and even trying to figure out how we were going to get everyone to Waterloo and back safely.

It has always been my experience that when we set aside time for the distinct purpose of meeting with God, He never disappoints. Over the years there have been countless times where my life has been greatly affected by a retreat or conference like Overflow, where I intentionally set aside the time to focus on my spiritual life.

Here are some things to consider as you prepare for Overflow:


Many youth groups provide guidelines as far as “what to bring to Overflow.” However, just in case, I recommend bringing a Bible, pen and notepad for the sessions and workshops. If your group is sleeping at a church/university or hotel, you will want to make sure you have things like toiletries and change of clothes (you will be there 3 days)! There are also numerous sports and activities available on the Saturday afternoon including swimming, ball hockey, basketball, soccer and much more. You definitely need to visit the website ( or better yet, download the app to find out more about all the things that are going on. (Just search WOD in your app provider)


Overflow is an amazingly fun and safe event. We are so thankful for the way in which students honour the behavioural code every year. The Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex is not owned by Overflow, we rent it every year and our desire is to be a good reflection of Jesus and the Church for this venue and their staff.  Naturally we do this by honouring their staff and cleaning up after ourselves. We ask that you dress modestly (guys and girls) and obviously weapons, drugs and alcohol are not permitted at the event. More guidelines are available on the website or with your Youth Pastor.


Take a moment to pause. How are you doing? I know that in a crowd the size of Overflow, some of us may really be struggling and in need of encouragement. Begin now, by praying and asking God for strength, encouragement, openness to what He wants to do, and blessing as you head into Overflow.

We have been praying for you for months and I invite you to begin to ask God to speak into your life at Overflow this year. There can be all kinds of distractions and challenges, but we believe God has something He wants to say to you and do in your heart at Overflow. Before you show up, take some time and invite Him to speak.

This year we are believing that Overflow 2019 will be life changing for you and we are so excited to have you join us!! And now, I have to go pack!

Overflow Youth