Written by Mark Colwell

Hiding is an interesting concept. When I think of the word hiding, my mind runs back to epic games of hide and seek. I remember the nerves and adrenaline of moments when I was crouching low in a dark corner, hoping the person doing the seeking passed by without taking a closer look. There was something about escaping notice that felt amazing. There are moments like a game of hide and seek where hiding is a totally appropriate response. I can think of other more serious things that would also present hiding as a great response, but my fear is that we have hid something that we can no longer afford to hide. I fear that we have hidden our faith in Christ when all the while we are surrounded by a world in need of hope; the hope that Christ has brought to many of us.

Think about the light Jesus brought to your life. Some of us would have feared that light before we came to know it. We were hiding in dark corners, ashamed of the things we were into, the words we had spoken, and carrying the guilt of our actions. The thought of God flashing a light in our hiding place and into our hearts was terrifying, but then we discovered that His light is bathed in love for us. A love so patient, so powerful that shame melted off our hearts and lives. We had feared a light we had no reason to fear and it was that light that brought us to life. Guilt and fear were replaced by peace, joy and purpose. In the light of Jesus we understand that mercy is ours, hope is ours and there is a role of grace for our lives in God’s Kingdom.

We cannot afford to hide from the world the light we have received in Jesus.

His light in your life is not just about you. You are surrounded by a world in deep need of the same help and hope you have. We cannot afford to hide from the world the light we have received in Jesus. In fact, the Bible declares that the world is actually waiting for your life to be revealed. (Romans 8:19) You are surrounded by a world cowering in the darkness, many believing there is no light worth receiving. What if they could see you! What if they encountered the light of Jesus in your life? They settle for empty lives focused on themselves, many so broken they would love to believe there is a better way. Many of us know there is a better way! Jesus has brought light and life to our lives and now He calls us to be a generation that reveals the light of Christ to the planet.

I believe we have hidden the best parts of our lives. We have given in to the pressure our society pushes into our faces that faith in Jesus is something we should keep to ourselves, and yet the Word of God is clear: the world is waiting for Jesus to be revealed through the lives of His sons and daughters. There are daughters among you who will bring light to dark places. There are sons called to bravely reveal Jesus at home, school, work and in places you have yet to dream of. God will shine through you if you determine to shine for Him. He loves you; let Him so change you that He brings your life into the light for the world to see. The world eagerly awaits for His daughters and sons to be revealed! To be BROUGHT TO LIGHT!