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Written by Katie Finlay

Her first response was to hide. The young girl had been playing in the woods, and got a giant thorn stuck loosely in her foot. It was clearly causing her a lot of pain, but instead of seeking help, her immediate response was to hide. She refused anyone who attempted to get close or offer advice. As an onlooker, the solution looked simple: to pull the thing out and let the injury heal. But pain and fear put her on the defense as she made every effort to keep away the very thing that would be her healing.

When we experience pain or disappointment in our lives, we often respond in the same way. Against all logic, we put up a good fight to keep our pain far away from where it may become exposed; protecting our brokenness deep in darkness for fear of the uncomfortable exposure that light may bring. However, in every case, keeping our brokenness from the light maintains pain, immobilizes our growth, and dulls the fullness of life that Jesus died to give us.

The light of Jesus is so powerful that it leaves those it touches healed and transformed.

The light of Jesus is so powerful that it leaves those it touches healed and transformed. When Jesus is given access to our deepest hurts, His light exposes every lie, hurt, and area of unforgiveness, to bring healing and restoration. This powerful light shines so boldly that it dispels darkness from every hidden place, revealing truth, and allowing us to experience our identity, our future, and our world as Jesus sees it.

In the light of Christ, we experience the healing that we so desperately need. Jesus offers the kind of light exposure that develops us like an old vintage photograph with the ease of a God who has already won the victory. He is already aware of our past hurts, offering to take the pain for us so that we might be set free and set forth into the world as one transformed. His desire is to heal our hurts and brokenness so that our lives can move forward from hidden places and into the hope, power, and purpose of a life lived for Christ.

A life that is healed by light shines brighter for the sake of the world. Where darkness makes a good home for festering, crippling, limitations of our past pains, the light of Christ brings healing so that we can reflect the relentless love, saving grace, and unhindered hope of a Christ follower.

The young girl eventually let her wound be healed, but the healing started with the removal of the source of pain: the thorn. Thank God for His healing light that shines in our life and releases us into the freedom and fullness of life!