So Loved that He Gave by Pastor Rick Zuidersma

Have you ever heard the saying, “Love is blind?” Maybe at a wedding or from someone who has been in a marriage a long time? This phrase points us to believe that when you love someone you are blind to the mistakes they make, to the ways in which they don’t measure up, or the shortcomings they may have. It tells us that loving someone is to only look at and focus on the good, rather than seeing the bad.

I heard my pastor say once that, “Love is not blind but rather it is seeing clearly with both eyes wide open.” True love, whether that be with your significant other, friend, your classmate or your parents, is not ignoring all the shortcomings and mistakes, but instead to seeing them and making a choice to love them in spite of their flaws.  

This is the kind of love that God extends to us. A love that is not blind but rather it sees all our failures. It sees all our past mistakes and our sin and yet still chooses to love. God chose to love you! He knows everything that you have done in your life, every mistake you have made and every shortcoming you possess. However the truth is, He so loved you that he sent his Son Jesus to come and die for you.

...there’s nothing I’ve done to earn the grace of God. It was nothing that I did to make me worthy enough to receive this kind of love.
— Pastor Rick Zuidersma

Sometimes I think God would send his Son if I was good enough, worthy enough to be saved - but surely He would not have sent His Son if He really knew me. That’s where I’m wrong. God’s giving is not based on our own merit. I love this fact because there’s nothing I’ve done to earn the grace of God and nothing that I did to make me worthy enough to receive this kind of love.

1 Corinthians says that, “while we were still sinners Christ died for us”. This reminds me that while I had nothing to give or offer God, He still gave to me. He extended love to me even though it wasn’t earned, warranted or deserved.

So what compelled him to make this decision? It was Christ’s love for us that compelled Him to give. He so loved you and was compelled by this love that He gave. This is the type of love that God has - an unconditional love that gives in spite of us.

1 John 4:10 says, “This is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.”

So I no longer don’t believe that love is blind. Instead, love is viewing others with an unfiltered perspective and choosing to give them what they don’t deserve - the type of love that Jesus gave to us. It says in the bible that love is patient; love is kind, love keeps no record of wrongs. Aren’t you glad it does not say that love is kind WHEN, love is patient IF, or love keeps no records of wrong ONLY.

Aren’t you glad that Jesus does not have qualifications for His Love? His love is not blind to the mistakes we have made, but instead it gives in spite of them. That is the Love that Jesus has for us. I wonder what would happen if we started to love others the way Jesus loved us? If we were kind, not only when people are kind to us. If we were generous not only when people were generous to us, if we were loving not only when people were loving to us. Showing people that true love, the kind of love that God had for us when He sent His Son, is given unconditionally.