Overflow Fast & Prayer Day - May 12

Dear Leaders & Students, 

Let me invite you to join me in a collective day of fasting and prayer on behalf of the event. We are excited about what is going to happen in the lives of students and leaders at the event, but we know the real change is directed by the Holy Spirit, and we can together raise the spiritual atmosphere if we commit to pray.

So MONDAY, MAY 12, schedule some time in your calendar to pray, skip some calories, and call out to God for Overflow and His presence to change people's lives!

  • Pray for the speaker, the worship team, and the guests!
  • Pray for salvation and healing!
  • Pray for the lead team and volunteers!
  • Pray for safety for everyone travelling!
  • Pray for every moment of the event, everything you can think of!
  • Pray specifically that God accomplishes transformation in the lives of those who come!
  • Pray for Christine and I, and our families: there are always attempts to distract and discourage around these big moments.
  • Pray for yourselves and your teams, that you would be led of God!

We are also praying for you as you prepare.

See you soon!
Mark Colwell, Overflow Pastor

Overflow Youth