To donate to Back 2 Life, follow the button above. This can be used for both individuals or youth groups wanting to submit a donation via credit card only.  We unfortunately cannot process Visa debit cards, etc.

Each year at Overflow, we collect an offering to help others in need. At the past eight Overflow events (2011-2018), with your generous donations we have raised over $415,500 for the Life Campaign. This money has supported a school feeding program in Bangladesh (feeding thousands of kids!), as well as has built numerous water wells in Bangladesh.

Last year alone, we raised a record $70,517.89!

This year at Overflow, we are excited about again partnering with ERDO (Emergency Relief and Development Overseas), the on the ground project coordinators of the Life Campaign.


BANGLADESH – FOOD AID (Cookies for Kids)

Did you know that malnutrition is responsible for more than 300,000 child deaths each year in Bangladesh?

 This year we are going joining ERDO in feeding children aged two to five in Bangladesh! Our donation will provide children with high energy biscuits, six days a week. These biscuits are filled with vitamins and nutrients that fuels the body and mind. In addition, our donation will provide nutrition, health and hygiene training for mothers to better care for their families.

Through ERDO’s partnership with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, every dollar raised is matched four times by the Canadian Government. That means, $420 will provide 50 children with high energy biscuits, six days a week for a whole year!


In Bangladesh, one of the most critical areas of need is clean water. To help, ERDO is installing tube wells at primary schools, on church grounds and in the centre of communities where clean water is unavailable. The difference these small wells make to the communities where they are installed is amazing. Clean water is available for school children and their families to drink; it’s available to water gardens and provides water for animals. Since children are no longer collecting water from ponds, the risk of malaria and other water related illnesses have significantly decreased. As the water levels in Bangladesh are close to the surface, these tube wells can be drilled and installed for $2,225.00 each.


This year our goal is to again focus on these need in Bangladesh. We want to help feed children in this country through the ERDO Cookies for Kids program. We also want to raise money for water wells to be dug in Bangladesh.

GOAL TOTAL: $55,000+

  • The first $55,000 we raise will go towards Cookies for Kids. This amount would provide over 1300 children with high energy nutritional biscuits for an entire year.

  • Any funds raised over and above this amount will go to build tube wells in the country.


A lot of our total goal is raised at Overflow during the Saturday night offering.  However, we would love to partner with youth groups who would pledge to raise money for this cause from now until May! 

Here are some ideas:

  • Set aside $1 out of every $4 you fund raise to go to Back 2 Life. We wouldn't be surprised if people were extra generous if they knew you were giving some of the money to children in Bangladesh!

  • Join with another youth group (or your city or section) to work together.

  • If you are having a rally, designate the offering to go to Back 2 Life.

Your group's donation can be brought to the Overflow weekend (we will collect it when you check in for registration).  Or you can submit your donation via credit card by following the "donate now" link at the top of this page.